Value Based Change Management



Traditionally, Change Management approach revolves mainly around conducting Stakeholder Engagement, Change Readiness Assessment and developing Communications Plan. These are strategic functions that are usually undertaken in the Planning Stage (usually the first 3 – 6 months of the project), that accounts for 20% of the time while the remaining of the project duration (70% of the time), the Change Management Team would mainly be executing and administrating the Communications Plan. Only a meager 10% of the project, Subject Matter Experts (SME) are roped in to enhance the value of Change Management for the Project.




Since project funding are scarce, it would be crucial for Organizations to optimize their investment when it comes to engaging Change Management consultants. Organizations need to continuously question the value that they are getting for engaging external Change Management consultants.


Do your Change Management consultants:


  1. Have strong understanding of key drivers of People in an Organization?

  2. Have skills to develop and guide the Project Team members to realise their potentials?

  3. Have analytical understanding on the People indicators of the Project and able to develop effective People strategies for the Project?


This where putting more emphasis on SME makes a difference. We strongly believe that Change Management should consist of 70% of SME involvement for key activities, 20% on Planning and remaining 10% on Administrative Activities!


Our panel of Subject Matter Experts are handpicked to assist organizations to ensure seamless adoption with minimal disruption to current operations during a change programme. These experts have extensive background dealing with large-scale, complex collaboration solutions and have more than a decade of successful people engagement experience with different background and industries. Proven methodologies and expertise, based on deep industry knowledge, will help organizations to accelerate their business value, meet targeted goals, increase participation, identify and overcome barriers, and motivate employees.





With 70% of SMEs’ involvement for key activities during the change programme – all aspects of stakeholders value would be considered and addressed. This customized approach also will assist clients to maximise their change management consulting investment; as not just having a costly fulltime consultant based on-site doing administrative work but getting the Right Expertise in, at the Right Time to create the Right Value during the change process!