Between myself and Koh Mui Han, we have over 20 years of consulting experience. Over these years, we have been involved in dozens of Organizational Transformation Projects that faced great challenges. Most of these change initiatives were run based on the usual “cookie cutter” methodology even though past experiences have shown that it doesn’t work. As Einstein so eloquently put it, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity”. Some of the key shortfalls of the typical Change Management methodology are:

  1. Focus on superficial activities
  2. Does not resolve root cause issues
  3. Ignores Organizational Behavior
  4. Lack of Fact based analysis

As such we at ChangeDynamics ( ) have developed an agile Change Management methodology that can be effectively customized for different organisations. If your organisation is about to embark on a Transformational Change, please contact us to learn how things can be done differently. We are happy to have a no commitment discussion to bounce ideas that may help your organisation.