Talent Identification


Define Your Talent

Most organizations fail to define key talent and its attributes and choose wrong indicators, such as performance or role, to select their talent. This approach increases the risk of selecting candidates that might be performing well in their current roles, but are not truly high-potential for future growth.

A true talent possesses a combination of ability, engagement, and aspiration, to succeed in the next role. Develop talent identification criteria based on the attributes that more accurately determine potential.


ChangeDynamics can help you to: 

  • Identify leaders of the future with the right mix of attributes
  • Develop and setup talent assessment framework


Determine Your Talent in the Workforce

Organizations lack formal and standardized structure and tools in identifying talent, causing inconsistent and inaccurate talent identification and selection. Improve your identification and selection of talent by creating a standard selection process based on ability, engagement, and aspiration and, applying it consistently across your organization.


ChangeDynamics can help you to:

  • Conduct talent identification in your organization with structured framework, proven tools and innovative processes